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Protect your TRAILERS

"Rust problems are accelerating, and feedback from customers indicates that it is a growing concern."

Corrosion has been a growing issue for the past decade or so, but has really become a major discussion point in the past seven to eight years. Trailer corrosion problems have been exasperated, not only just by the type of de-icing chemicals in use today, but also by the amounts being applied.

Rusty Trailer - Time to protect them! Contact us today for a free system analysis!Not only are these chemicals being used when there is poor weather conditions, but road crews are applying de-icing chemicals to prevent ice build-up, resulting in more chemicals being used overall.

As a result, we're seeing increased corrosion due to increased exposure.


Fleets and OEMs say that they are tired of the appearance (Image) problems that corrosion creates, not to mention the impact on longevity, durability and cost. These are the main factors in fleet decisions about trailer specifications - but It’s not just on trailer parts either.

The components that are attached to the trailer are also in high exposure locations and corrosion is having a major impact on them - Parts like landing gear, suspensions and axles.

Click now to schedule your free system AnalysisMany fleets understand the problems associated with corrosion and are specifying vehicles to withstand the impact of these chemicals. Exposure to de-icing chemicals; stone and gravel impingement; wide temperature variations, rain and snow all contribute to a destructive environment that requires innovative and advanced-technology coatings for proper rust and corrosion control on trailers.

From cross members, suspensions, axles, landing gear and upper-couplers - constant bombardment by moisture and debris, as well as exposure to road salts and de-icing materials, makes Specifying trailers for corrosion protection critical to increasing longevity, durability, and reducing costs.

The TMC has developed a standard which they believe should be the target for longevity for trailers. TMC's corrosion protection matrix calls for 16 years for trailers and converter dollies and OEMs and suppliers should back up those corrosion performance levels with a 100% parts and labor warranty. “Build/engineer components and the vehicle as a whole for the worst-case corrosion scenario, we must assume the worst-case scenario.

trailersWe need OEMs to be more responsive in having protective coatings on vehicles so we don't have to do what we feel as users is unnecessary maintenance.

We're replacing structural and non-structural components we never had to in the past because of extreme corrosion.”

No doubt, if you are an OEM or a Fleet company, or an owner operator – this strikes a chord with you. In fact, you are probably sick of hearing and talking about it. Well, you don’t have to any more.

If you are an OEM manufacturer ready to take charge and fight corrosion, take the next step and schedule your FREE systems analysis. We’ll be able to assess your current coating operation and advise on what we can do to help eliminate the corrosion problem while you stay focused on manufacturing trailers.

And if you represent a fleet company, or are an owner operator – Please let us know how you feel about the corrosion problem and how it has had an impact on your business. Syner-Co. International has a solution that will eliminate the corrosion problem – It’s time to “spec it” and have your OEM work with us to help you.



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